Crossing the new digital divide
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  • Using traditional marketing methods, combined with new technologies for content creation, data analytics, and social media

  • Executing on that marketing strategy that will promote brand recognition and help gain a competitive advantage.

  • Video advertising is becoming more and more affordable for everyone, not just the big guys. And distribution can be global without the prohibitive media costs

  • Act 3 Media brings you a rich blend of experience of producing high-quality strategic advertising with cutting-edge knowledge of the new technologies to maximize distribution at costs never available before.

  • Social media has completely changed the game when it comes to how small businesses effectively utilize email marketing. 

  • The power of new technologies with the creative and technical ability to maximize their potential, provided by Act 3 Media, has reshaped the marketing landscape and leveled the playing field for small businesses like yours to better connect with current customers and reach new audiences far beyond anything available before.


case studies

What did they say?


“While searching for a company to address our digital content marketing needs we discovered Act3 Media. We have been thrilled with their professionalism and commitment to helping us achieve our goals”.

“They have used their big brand experience and long-term industry knowledge to our benefit without the hefty price tag you would expect from such a top quality firm. We are enjoying fantastic results and are excited about what we will achieve together in 2018”.

CEO/Paul Diesu


Act3 Media is one of the most creative shops I have worked with in my career.  They are always “on point” coming up with marketing solutions that are precision cut to the need.  They always take a very targeted approach to solutions for specific challenges and have helped our company grow from a local service provider for the US and Latin America to a global provider with offices in many locations overseas.

CEO/Ken Lorber

The Kitchen/ Miami

“My wife and I discussed running for a 3rd term.  Act3.Media was professional and responsive, answered all our questions and gave us a level of personal attention that made all the difference.”

Barack Obama

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