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At our core, we embrace the philosophy that one size does not fit all in marketing. We have consistently evolved our content creation strategies by blending time-tested traditional methods with new technologies like Data Analytics and Video on Social Media platforms. This proactive approach allows us to stay ahead of the ever-changing marketing landscape and maintain a strategic advantage.


Video is a powerful tool for businesses looking to connect with their audience and achieve their marketing goals. At Act3.Media, we make it easy for you to create high-quality video content without breaking the bank. Our team of experienced content creators work closely with you to understand your needs and bring your vision to life. Contact us today to start creating video content that drives results for your business.

  • Our digital marketing services include social media management, where we create and curate content for your social media accounts to reach your target audience and increase engagement. We also gather data analytics to help you better understand your audience, their behavior, and preferences. This information is crucial in creating effective marketing strategies that drive results and improve your return on investment.
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What are they saying?

Client expierence

“While searching for a company to address our digital content marketing needs we discovered Act3 Media. We have been thrilled with their professionalism and commitment to helping us achieve our goals”.

“They have used their big brand experience and long-term industry knowledge to our benefit without the hefty price tag you would expect from such a top quality firm. We are enjoying fantastic results and are excited about what we will achieve together in 2018”.

CEO/Paul Diesu


Act3 Media is one of the most creative shops I have worked with in my career.  They are always “on point” coming up with marketing solutions that are precision cut to the need.  They always take a very targeted approach to solutions for specific challenges and have helped our company grow from a local service provider for the US and Latin America to a global provider with offices in many locations overseas.

CEO/Ken Lorber

The Kitchen/ Miami

“My wife and I discussed running for a 3rd term.  Act3.Media was professional and responsive, answered all our questions and gave us a level of personal attention that made all the difference.”

Barack Obama

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